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Free access to the
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Free access to the Spartan Workout Jam at <span>Maestrem Ninja Gym</span>

Free access to the Spartan Workout Jam at Maestrem Ninja Gym

Come experience the Maestrem Ninja Gym, a dream environment to develop your athletic potential and safely practice hundreds of obstacles! During this unique event, we invite the Spartan community to come and discover the potential of Ninja Training in preparing the ultimate Spartan athlete. Our expert coaches will guide you through one of our 3 full courses during this hour-long Maestrem initiation and advise you on the next key steps in your development towards your Spartan Montreal race.

Space is limited so reserve your spot for this explosive evening!

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Insider 12 week subscription at <span>25% off</span>.

Insider 12 week subscription at 25% off.

Spartan Race Physical Preparation Program

The goal of this program is to prepare you in the best possible way for the Spartan Montreal race.
You will have unlimited access for 3 months to our Maestrem environment, with world-class obstacle zones and outstanding coaching. In addition to free access, this 12-week membership will also give you access to a Spartan-specific physical preparation course that will target a different event category each week. With this course, in the form of a training circuit, you will work as much on your cardiovascular capacity as your grip strength, all with the goal of optimizing your physical condition to reach your goal, cross the finish line in strength!

Register now with the code SPARTAN25 and reserve your class time. Every week counts!

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